Legislative Bills (2015-2018)

You Deserve A Mayor That Will Put “You and Thornton First”

Common Sense Legislation

A Powerful Voice for Thornton

Our residents deserve a Mayor who is willing and able to reach across the aisle to achieve results. In my 4 years in the Colorado Senate, 75% of the bills I sponsored became law. With a Democrat-controlled House, a Democrat Governor and a Republican-controlled Senate, bipartisan leadership was needed to get things done. Click on the links below to see my bipartisan record of success while a member of the Colorado Senate.




2018 Sponsored Bills

38 bills, 27 became law: 71% success rate

2017 Sponsored Bills

29 bills, 25 became law: 86% success rate

2016 Sponsored Bills

24 bills, 17 became law: 71% success rate

2015 Sponsored Bills

19 bills, 14 became law: 74% success rate